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AEG Giving away free Thunderstone promos!

If you haven't played Thunderstone yet, you need to.  You can find our review here.  Everything about AEG's handling of the game and its expansions has been perfect, from the awesome storage option provided by the first expansion box to the free (ish) Dwarf hero promo card distributed through Boardgamegeek.com.  Now, they are offering a cool promo set which includes a full play-set of eight different cards!  That is going above and beyond as far as fan service goes, and good on 'em for it.  Apparently, not many of the 4000 sets they printed are left, so get over there soon.  But, catch this, AEG has already decided to keep taking orders for the free cards and to order a new  printing as soon as they have enough orders.  Thunderstone is currently the only AEG game I have in my collection, but given the way they treat their customers, I think I'll be adding a game or two of theirs to the next NB game order.

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The Adventurers, only 22 bux @ Boardgameguy.com!

February 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJodyRay

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