Games Played January 2017
Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 12:22PM
Danny Webb

Here is a pic of my games played for January.  Forty games puts me on a good pace, but I think only one game (Terraforming Mars) is going to be on the 10 x 10 challenge I'm planning on doing this year in place of my normal game-a-day style challenge.


Of the games on the list, I really want to get Terraforming Mars, San Juan, Paris Connection, Baseball Highlights 2045, 7 Wonders, Champions of Midgard, and Tak to the table regulary this year.  The rest of the list I'd be fine not playing again for a while--though I do want to try Spinderella with my normal game group just so they can experience the awesomeness of a roll-and-move kids game that actually is fun.

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